Niti Majethia is a 21 year old writer and activist who grew up in Mumbai, India.

She started writing poetry and short stories when she was very young. After winning various writing competitions in India, she won her first international award in 2012, from Kidspirit Online (one of America's leading online publications for teens, based in New York). She then performed her work at the Kidspirit awards ceremony at New York University. 

After, she worked as an editor for Kidspirit for three years. During this time, she won two more writing awards (in 2013 and 2014). 

She also established the Indian Kidspirit editorial board for young writers in India to get an international platform of publishing.

She then published her first book, Eunoia (which means 'beautiful thinking'). It is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Flipkart. She was also invited to speak about her life and represent the youth at Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, Australia. 

After her first big activism experience in Australia, she began performing her work around the globe and writing for different publications. She was then approached to write for an HBO documentary. 

She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts at her dream university- The University of Texas at Austin. She also writes for various magazines and media platforms; from fashion, art, culture- to television and film.

Currently, she is also in the creative department of Spark Magazine. She spends much of her time traveling, meeting people, performing and using her voice for different social causes. With her work, she aims to break stereotypes and be vocal about issues that matter, such as mental health awareness.

When she isn't working or traveling, Majethia can be found spending time with her friends in Austin, Texas- exploring the city, trying out different cuisines, dabbling in music creation or binge watching Netflix.

This simple website chronicles her career and has a collection of some of her work, media features, shop & notable career moments (so far). 


Love always ~

Team NM


  Majethia's devotion to Lord Shiva is a huge guiding force in her life.

Majethia's devotion to Lord Shiva is a huge guiding force in her life.

  Majethia photographed by Vaishali Jayaraman in Austin, Texas.

Majethia photographed by Vaishali Jayaraman in Austin, Texas.